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Get Your Own Automated Amazon FBA Store

We manage and grow your Amazon FBA business for you entirely. Sit back, relax, and collect profits while we do the heavy lifting.

  • Complete Automated Business
  • Recurring Passive Income
  • New Age Investment

Amazon FBA Automation

FBA ( Fulfilled By Amazon ) is an inventory based wholesale business model. It’s the safest and most efficient way to sell on Amazon, we source profitable products by major brands directly from wholesale distributors and sell them for retail price on Our team of experts will build you a turnkey passive income business with Amazon and manage it from A-Z.

Client Requirements


The client must make a one-time upfront investment also known as a buy-in.

Inventory Cost

The client must provide capital or credit for the first batch of products and restocking inventory.

Positive Attitude

We want to work with people who understand the power of ecommerce and share our enthusiasm.

What’s included:

» product research
» Inventory management
» Returns and appeals
» Product sourcing
» Account management
» Standard accounting ( P&l sheets monthly )
» LLC creation
» Tax exemption

Financing available:

» Minimum credit score 650
» 2 years of credit history
» No negative items on your report
» Clients typically get approved for 30k-50k in 0% interest credit

As seen on

How FBA works

Amazon handles product shipping, customer service, and returns on your behalf.

Why sell on Amazon ?

Amazon is the largest E-commerce Platform in the world. Over 50% of all products sold online globally are from Amazon , in the US alone over 150 million Americans have an Amazon Prime Membership and over 380 million visitors come to Amazons website every month. Amazon provides the traffic , fulfills the orders for you and handles the customer experience. Amazon sellers are even able to have massive returns consistently during an economic downturn which also makes this business model Recession proof.


Over Half of all products sold online globally are purchased from Amazon.

380 million

Unique online shoppers visit Amazon every month.


Amazon’s sales come from 3rd party sellers ( that’s us !)

Our Services

What do we do for our clients?


We ensure your Amazon store is set up and ready to be successfully automated whether it is brand new or an aged store transferred to our management team. We set up contracts with the nation’s top brands and get your inventory set up in 30-60 days during the onboarding process.

Full-Time Management

Our dedicated team of Amazon selling experts monitors and scales your Amazon store to new heights. We manage your products, inventory, sales, customer service & store entirely. We have several Automation clients generating 6-7 figures in revenue annually.

Generate Revenue

The purpose of an Amazon Automation business is to earn passive income without lifting a finger. This is what our team does for clients while targeting a 15%-25% profit margin.

Amazon FBA Management

Our team specializes in Building , Managing & Scaling Amazon FBA businesses for our clients. We handle all of the heavy lifting while you collect the profits , this included Product Research , Sourcing , Fulfillment , Customer Support and more. We’ve helped hundreds of clients all around the world generate a turnkey passive income with Amazon FBA. Book a call today with one of our advisors to learn how you can start making passive income with Amazon.

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