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Become an affiliate today
and earn up to $5000 for each person you refer for Funding or Amazon FBA Services !

Become a Liberty First Capital partner today and earn competitive commissions for every client or investor you refer to us. We’d love to have a partnership with you!

Increase your revenue by offering financing to your clients:

Business owners lose revenue everyday due to customers not being able to afford their product or service. Research shows that companies who implement an online financing option for their clients experience an increase in sales of 30-50% on average. Point of sale financing can come in the form of credit cards , unsecured loans , and more. When you partner with Liberty First Capital you receive access to exclusive & customized funding options that ensure you can offer financing to every client no matter what industry you are in. Liberty First Capital affiliates also receive lucrative commissions for every person they refer to us for Funding and Amazon FBA Services. 

Who is this for?

You can become an affiliate with Liberty First Capital no matter what industry you’re in. Coached, E-commerce Companies, Real Estate Investors, High Ticket Agencies and more can all benefit from offering POS ( point of sale) financing to their clients.

More sales -

When you offer POS financing to your clients you can increase your sales and client acquisition.

Allows customers to purchase items at a greater cost -

Increase your clients ability to afford your high ticket services. POS financing ensure you leave no potential customer left behind and allows you to continue increasing your client base.

Improves Cash Flow -

Our affiliate program allows you to leverage your network to refer our services. For every client you refer to us for funding or Amazon FBA you receive an incentive bonus of up to $5000.

Get Started Here

Please fill out this affiliate onboarding form. You will receive a welcome email for confirmation shortly after submitting your information. Should you want affiliate training, please respond to our email to get started right away. We will email you affiliate training materials, presentations, profit projections, and social medias to share with potential leads.